Weather based clock

Even if Windows 7 and Vista already have a weather widget, it is very simple. HTCHome goes beyond, it displays a nice digital clock and a fantastic animated weather forecast that will make your desktop rain, cloud and get more.

7 pratical gadgets for your daily use

Gadgets Windows 7 can do more than display information about the time of your city. 10 best gadgets you can install on Windows 7 and Vista for quick access to various kinds of useful information and services right from your desktop.
1. All Search  – Make searches on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Youtube, Wikipedia,Google Maps and other direct to your desktop.

Windows 7 customizing – Start button is no exception

Without a doubt Windows 7 a niceoperating system when it comes to personalization.

In this process of changing the start orb we will be using the Start Button Changer, simple to operate, easy to use, the only thing you need to remember before using it is using as an Administrator.

Download: Start Button Changer

Everything set? Ok, let's go.

Breaker - when to take a work break?

The best way to stay productive while the work is to do regular breaks. It is important to relax, recharge, rest your eyes and fingers and prevent multiple health problems.

Breaker is a tool that notifies you when it's time to take a break. It is intended for those working intensively on the computer who usually forgets to take breaks during working hours.

8 light Windows 7 themes

Some of you were asking me for option that dont slot the computer down at all,  these are some of my suggestions for windows themes, all instruction to download step by step is in download link, hope you like it.
Static 2.0
Static 2.0 is definitely one of the best Windows 7 themes I have seen. I really like how the creator used in this theme, in a nice and still atention catching way.

And I deleted all my posts

Well, I accidentaly deleted all my posts, and for that Im really sorry, all the comments are lost. Im in the proccess of recreating them all, all this new blog posting is too much technology for an old man like me.
Thanks for all support until now, and again, I apologize for deleting all the comments.

Space, planets, comets and galaxy wallpapers.

Since I deleted the old post I decided to change this one, instead of putting three of all folder and the others to download I am going to display all of them for you to choose each one, and a link to the folder if interested.
Link: download

Rainlendar - Your dates and deadlines organizer

Nowadays, we are really busy, and need to have time for everything. Fortunately, there are some softwares that work as organizers. Rainlendar is one of then, I use regularly, its paid but I have been using the free version for a while.

Link para Download.

01. This is the main screen of Rainlendar, Note that you have direct access to the calendar and windows of Events (events) and tasks to do (To Do). To create a new event, simply double-click the mouse action (usually the left button).
Imagem postada 

I will be focusing on giving cool widgets, addons, wallpapers and so on to make your desktop good looking and useful at the same time. Starting with some nice high quality wallpapers.